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Grande 12-Bottle | 27”

Grande 12-Bottle | 27”

Grande 12-Bottle | 27”


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The VinGardeValise® is the perfect companion for lovers of wine and travel — made with a high-quality polycarbonate shell and dense closed-cell foam inserts, you can safely and securely transport your favorite wine in style.

Accommodates up to a full case (12 bottles) of wine. Fully packed, the VinGardeValise® Grande weighs approximately 43-50 lbs. Mix and match inserts to customize your travel experience. Fly with clothes, shoes, toiletries, and more.

Removable inserts:
Foam wine cavities are designed to hold a combination of 750ml bottles of almost any shape. The ability to fly with any combination of bottles from 2 to 12, Champagne to Riesling, makes this most versatile wine suitcase available.

Make it you own!

Additional Inserts & Accessories 

https://www.flywithwine.com/collections/wine-travel-accessorieso/products/wine-glasses-inser DIY Insert 

      How true wine lovers travel

      Anyone who travels with wine knows how difficult it can be. The VinGardeValise® offers ultimate protection, convenience, and versatility. Easily and safely transport your wine anywhere you want to go.

      Grande 12-Bottle | 27”
      • Carry-On Or Check-In

        Conforms to all applicable TSA, FAA, and airline luggage standards. Fully loaded and still weighs less than 50 lbs.

      • Indestructible

        The exterior shell is made from durable polycarbonate strong enough to withstand careless handling.

      • Full Case Capacity

        Holds up to 12 750ml bottles of almost any shape (8 bottle size also available).

      • Fits Your Wardrobe

        Space not used for wine can be re-purposed to accommodate clothes, books, or other items.