Suitcase Set | 12 & 8-Bottle

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The VinGardeValise® is the perfect companion for lovers of wine and travel, now available in a set of two! Made with high-quality polycarbonate and dense closed-cell foam inserts, you can safely and securely transport your favorite wine in style.

The Grande accommodates up to a full case (12 bottles) of wine and, fully packed, weighs approximately 43-50 lbs. The Petite holds 8 bottles of wine and, fully packed, weighs approximately 30-38 lbs. Mix and match inserts to customize your travel experience. Fly with clothes, shoes, toiletries, and more!

Removable inserts: 
Foam wine cavities are designed to hold a combination of 750ml bottles of almost any shape. The ability to fly with any combination of bottles, Champagne to Riesling, makes this most versatile wine suitcase set available.