Coravin Insert

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When it comes to traveling the world with world-class wine, the Coravin and your VinGardeValise® Suitcase are like your trusty steeds — you wouldn’t get very far without them. Introducing the VinGardeValise® Coravin Insert, the coziest home for an incredible little device. Now you can enjoy a glass of your most prized Burgundy red, let the Coravin work its magic to reseal the cork and extract any oxygen, then pack it all up in your VinGardeValise® suitcase for your next adventure!

The new VinGardeValise® Coravin Insert takes up very minimal space in all three suitcase sizes. In both the Grande and Petite, it replaces a 2-Bottle insert, and in the Piccolo it fits snuggly into the extra space for personal belongings.

To use: Insert your Coravin pieces into their three custom cavities and gently press them securely into the insert.