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FlyWithWine is operated by a group of wine enthusiasts who live in Napa. We travel around the world and were inspired by solving the complications involved with transporting wine.

The journey started for me with a trip to Burgundy during the hot summer months a few years back. It was there that I discovered a jewel of a winery outside of Beaune producing some amazing wines that I wanted to bring back home to my cellar. The only option the winery had was to direct me to a Mail Box Etc. in a nearby town and risk shipping the wine back to the U.S. illegally in unknown transit conditions during summer. Or, I could pack the wine myself in cheap Styrofoam shippers and put it in the cargo of my plane back home and risk the wrath of overworked baggage handlers at multiple airports along the way.

There had to be a better way to buy, bring home, and enjoy my wines, or so I thought. And now there is. It’s called the VinGardeValise®, and it’s the finest and most versatile wine luggage in the world. So now you can Fly With Wine safely and securely and bring your wine with you wherever you travel.

Safe Travels,
Ron Scharman


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