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VinGardeValise® FAQs

For warranty or future product orders, please contact the manufacturer Forster VGV at

Do the cases come with wine inserts?

Yes, all the wine suitcases come with inserts, which hold standard 750ml size bottles. The Grande comes with 12 wine bottle inserts, the Petite comes with 8 wine bottle inserts, and the Piccolo comes with 5 wine bottle inserts.

How do I open my case for the first time?

1. Set to the default code: 0-0-0

2. Slide button (b) toward the zippers.

3. The zipper pulls should pop out of the lock.

*There is no key included with your suitcase. The keyhole is for TSA so that they can inspect the contents of the suitcase.

How do I reset my lock?

1. Set to the default code: 0-0-0

2. Press the reset button (a) with a pen or paper clip until you hear a click. The button should be pressed down.

3. Set a personal combination by turning the dials to your desired combination. Make sure the digits are perfectly aligned with button (a).

4. After choosing your code, slide the button (b) toward the zippers until you hear a click and the button (a) pops up. It is normal that the button (b) is a bit harder to slide than usual; the code is reset when the button (a) comes back up.

*You can reset the combination again by repeating the steps above, using your personal combination in place of 0-0-0 in step 1. 

How do I install the straps?

1. Install the straps into the strap holders using the provided screwdriver.

2. Buckle the long straps around the suitcase.

3. Install the short strap around the ling straps on the other side of the strap holders.

4. Make sure the short strap goes between the side handles so it doesn't move during transit.

How much does the case weigh? 

The Grande (12-bottle) suitcase weighs approximately 13lbs. Filled with 12 bottles of wine (3lbs each) the suitcase typically weighs less than 50lbs.

The Petite (8-bottle) suitcase weighs approximately 12lbs. Filled with 8 bottles of wine (3lbs each) the suitcase typically weighs approximately 36lbs.

The Piccolo (5-bottle) suitcase weighs approximately 10lbs. Filled with 5 bottles of wine (3lbs each) the suitcase typically weighs approximately 25lbs.

**Please keep in mind the average wine bottle weighs 3lbs but they can vary. It is best to weigh your case before travel to ensure it meets weight requirements. Also, check with your airline as many airlines now allow a wine suitcase filled with wine to fly free (Alaska and Southwest among them).

How do I register my case for warranty?

Please click on the following link to register your case online:

Your serial number is located on a sticker under the foam inserts & liner on the non-handle side of the case. If you don't have a serial number, please enter your website or Amazon order number instead. Please reach out to us at or 707-320-0567 if you are still unable to register your suitcase.

What is covered under warranty?

ForsterVGV warrants that the VinGardeValise will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 10 years from date of purchase. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, airline mishandling, or wear and tear. The warranty does not cover the contents of the VinGardeValise if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. We will provide wheel, handle, and zipper replacements. We only ask that you pay shipping on these replacement items.

How to file a warranty claim or order replacement pieces?

Please initiate a return inquiry with our team by contacting us at or 707-320-0567. Please include pictures of the serial number sticker, name, address, picture of the issue, and a description. We will review the information and determine the next steps.

How do I make a return?

Please initiate a return inquiry with our fulfillment team by contacting us at or 707-320-0567. Please provide a description and photos of the issue when submitting your inquiry. Do not ship a product back to our fulfillment center without first contacting us.

What is the return policy?

Please see our return policy here.

How many chiller sheets do I need to order for my VinGardeValise?

One order of the chiller sheets will work on one side of the suitcase. If you want to use the chiller sheets on both sides (applicable for the 12-bottle and 8-bottle sizes), order the set of 2. The 5-bottle suitcase (Piccolo 01) has a dedicated side for personal belongings, and a dedicated side for wine bottles. Consequently, only one order of the chiller sheet is enough if you own a 5-bottle suitcase.

Weight: applying the chiller sheet on one side of the suitcase will add approximately 2.5 lbs to the suitcase. If you apply the chiller sheet on both sides of your 12-bottle or 8-bottle suitcase, it will increase the weight by about 5 lbs.

Click here for instructions on how to properly install your chiller sheets.