DrinkArt Bottle

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Bottle or Decanter? The Gabriel-Glas DrinkArt Bottle is both! The shape of this multi-use vessel is inspired by the bowl of the original Gabriel-Glas “One for All” wine glass. Sophistication and elegance combined with the optimal shape create the ideal aeration in this lead-free crystal bottle. The DrinkArt Bottle will elevate your tablescape and compliment your Gabriel-Glas stemware.


The DrinkArt Bottle is a companion carafe to the DrinkArt Stemless Wine Glass. The elegant base of this bottle ensures maximum aeration of the wine and the open mouth allows for a drip-free pour.

  • Made from lead-free crystal
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can accommodate 1.2L of wine


DrinkArt Stemless Wine Glasses sold separately.